Definitions for "Sweet Spot"
The THUNK heard when the foot makes optimum contact with the ball. The sweet spot is two inches below the center of the ball.
That listening seat from which the best soundstage presentation is heard. Usually a center seat equidistant from the loudspeakers.
The favoured point on the clubface, where contact with the ball feels best.
Ancora's term for our Full City Artisan Roast. It's the optimum balance of brightness, aroma, body and flavor. See 'Roast Point'
The optimum point to perform a manoeuvre.
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a configuration (desktop, laptop, or tablet) that we (UC) believes will be attractive to faculty and staff acquiring PCs
Special system-wide upgrades given to United Airlines 1K members in 2003.
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see Lane (verb)
Keywords:  stay, swim, tank, fish, want
a place in a tank where I want the fish to swim or stay
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Swing Switching Power Supply
Keywords:  forest, least, food, source, located
a location that provides at least one food source located next to a forest