Definitions for "Sweep"
Keywords:  oar, rower, scull, coxswain, propel
A large oar used in small vessels, partly to propel them and partly to steer them.
A type of rowing, in which each rower uses only one oar; differs from "sculling," in which each rower uses two oars.
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To pass a broom across (a surface) so as to remove loose dirt, dust, etc.; to brush, or rub over, with a broom for the purpose of cleaning; as, to sweep a floor, the street, or a chimney. Used also figuratively.
To drive or carry along or off with a broom or a brush, or as if with a broom; to remove by, or as if by, brushing; as, to sweep dirt from a floor; the wind sweeps the snow from the hills; a freshet sweeps away a dam, timber, or rubbish; a pestilence sweeps off multitudes.
To brush against or over; to rub lightly along.
Sweep is an audio editor and live playback tool. It supports PCM , Ogg Vorbis, Speex and MP3, with multichannel editing and LADSPA effects. Inside lives a pesky little virtual stylus called Scrubby who enjoys mixing around in your file
Sweep is an open source, multiplatform digital audio editor and live playback tool for GNU/Linux, BSD and compatible systems. It is able to handle many sound formats, including MP3, WAV and Vorbis. The most notable feature of Sweep is its stylus-like cursor tool called Scrubby.
To pass over, or traverse, with the eye or with an instrument of observation; as, to sweep the heavens with a telescope.
time-dependent information created by the electron beam moving across a CRT screen.
(Jargon Rating= 0) To pass quickly across, as when searching.
To strike with a long stroke.
The compass or range of a stroke; as, a long sweep.
The compass of any turning body or of any motion; as, the sweep of a door; the sweep of the eye.
An outside running play with pulling guards.
(American football) an attempt to advance the ball by running around the end of the line
a play that clears the table of all exposed cards The game then proceeds by the next player placing a card on the table face upwards
Keywords:  ell, radius, abrupt, tee, vents
A drain ell fitting with a long radius that allows for smooth passage of waste. Fittings with abrupt changes of direction, such as a vent tee, may only be used for vents.
Ell plumbing fixture with a long-radius.
Technique in which catches the opponents foot for feet and unbalances him or her.
a low kicking attack in which the striking leg travels in anarc around the body
a method of bringing an opponent to the ground
Keywords:  bend, gradual, trunk, snagged, salvage
To follow a log drive downstream to salvage logs snagged on the banks after the main drive had passed.
A gradual (but pronounced) bend in a log, pole, or piling; considered a defect. Sweep in a log is analogous to "bow" in a piece of lumber.
A measure of the bend in a log calculated as the maximum distance of the centre of the log from a straight line joining the centre of the log at each end of the log. Sweep can be expressed as a proportion of the small end diameter of the log.
Keywords:  arc, bat, shmup, despatch, puppet
Shmup technique sometimes used against bosses or large groups of weaker enemies, which involves the player moving his craft back and forth, left to right (or up to down, if playing a horizontal shmup) in large increments, covering most of the screen's available width/height, firing constantly. Allows the player to spread his shots out over a wide area and at the same time avoid staying in one place too long, so as to give enemies using aimed attacks a more difficult target to hit.
a movement in an arc; "a sweep of his arm"
(see pic above) A hit executed towards his leg or on side, by "sweeping" his bat around his body.
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In the game of casino, a pairing or combining of all the cards on the board, and so removing them all; in whist, the winning of all the tricks (thirteen) in a hand; a slam.
winning all or all but one of the tricks in bridge
an operation that garbage collects every row in every table in the database
A scan through the heap in order to determine which parts of it contain marked objects and which do not. Areas which do not contain marked objects are the garbage collected for later allocation.
A long pole, or piece of timber, moved on a horizontal fulcrum fixed to a tall post and used to raise and lower a bucket in a well for drawing water.
an option to specify a percentage of excess cash flow that will be automatically moved into the taxable saving portfolio.
a methodical moving out of homeless people from an area so that the rich or powerful or tourists do not see the uglier parts of life that we all like to ignore when it is convenient
a background which has no visible corners
The "Sweep" series, published in the UK, the Netherlands and Australia as "Wicca" and in Italy and France as "Dark Magic", is a series of books by Cate Tiernan. Starting with Book of Shadows, the series is a work of fiction set against a U.S. East Coast background.
The sweeping of workshops where precious metals are worked, containing filings, etc.
Scrap material which consists of floor sweepings from manufacturers premises. A typical sweep contains dust, paper, used packing material, cigarette ends etc. It is periodically sent to a bullion dealer or refiner who will determine any precious metal content through a process of incineration, crushing, riddling and mixing. The manufacturer will then be paid for any metal content found.
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Stream and Wetland Ecosystem Enhancement Program
The Soil and Water Environmental Enhancement Program, or SWEEP, was a Canadian agricultural program administered by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and carried out by the province of Ontario. Designed to examine the effects of tillage on many types of soil, the program ran from 1986 through 1988.
TV and radio survey periods during which audience listening habits are measured and are available for purchase by market.
The period of the year when a rating service measures the television audience in the local markets.
Periods in the year when rating services measure the television audience.
Keywords:  templet, loam, movable, mold, scraping
A movable templet for making molds, in loam molding.
To form a mold or core by scraping the sand with a form sweep having the desired profile. See See Core, Mold.
Maximum lateral deviation from straightness of a structural member, measured at right angles to the Y-Y axis.
The amount of deviation of straightness of a structural section measured perpendicular to the web of the member.
Deviation of a pole from straightness. ( See Figure 1)
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One who sweeps; a sweeper; specifically, a chimney sweeper.
someone who cleans soot from chimneys
clean by sweeping; "Please sweep the floor"
Keywords:  lockbox, setter, pin, clears, pit
The device on the lane machine that removes the dead wood from the pin deck into the pit.
The act of clearing funds from a lockbox account for disbursement by the secured creditors who set up the account on behalf of the client. ()
The device on the pin-setter which clears the plate.
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a little scary
Keywords:  walkers, yaw, pace, patrolling, behind
A vehicle patrolling the route to pick-up Walkers who need medical support or who are behind the necessary pace to complete the day's route before dark
angling of wings so that tips are behind nose when seen from above or below. Aids pitch and yaw stability.
That portion of the weather-seal attached to the bottom of the door, providing a seal between the door and the sill.
the weatherseal on the bottom of the door panel that makes contact with the threshold.
Keywords:  radiused, tumbler, lever, contact, key
n. the radiused part of a lever tumbler with which the key makes contact
Keywords:  otter, trawl, wire, net, rope
the rope (usually wire) between the otter board and trawl net.
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The almond furnace.
In motorcycle terms, the sweep is the rider last in line whose job is to ensure everyone else in the group ride arrives at the destination safely. The sweep is often the person with the most experience, not always the fastest, but certainly with a reliable motorcycle who is not going to be the person who breaks down or crashes themselves. Having at least a basic amount of mechanical experience and tools is a plus so field repairs may be made if necessary.
Violent and general destruction; as, the sweep of an epidemic disease.
An unbroken flow of designated markings. There should be no gaps or congested areas.
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Sweetening Sweet Spot
Keywords:  gesture, coil, movement, big, ground
make a big sweeping gesture or movement
The movement of the search coil over the ground.
a coordinated, multi-agency effort to target a particular type of fraud nationwide or frauds located in a particular geographic area
Typically a covenant that requires all or a specified fraction of available cash flow to be used for debt service, including prepayments of principal.
Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
a series of attempts to connect to multiple network addresses in order to determine whether they are in-use, providing a specific service or to map a network's topology
Keywords:  scope, plains, wide
a wide scope; "the sweep of the plains"
Keywords:  pose, premises, danger, sole, officers
a protective action for the sole purpose of locating any people on the premises who might pose a danger to officers
To pass over anything comprehensively; to range through with rapidity; as, his eye sweeps through space.
Keywords:  swing, take
a conditional instruction to transfer available only between AED current and savings accounts
Keywords:  entire, range, cover
cover the entire range of
a sequence of points where the value of X is increasing
Keywords:  act
The act of sweeping.