Definitions for "SWAMP "
Wet, spongy land; soft, low ground saturated with water, but not usually covered with it; marshy ground away from the seashore.
To plunge or sink into a swamp.
To cause (a boat) to become filled with water; to capsize or sink by whelming with water.
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SWAMP is a workflow processing platform in which the workflow is designed in an XML based language in one file which is read by the SWAMP server. It avoids hardcoding business logic, and workflows can be built from different workflow "patterns" like simple actions, decisions, selections, loops, and custom code.
SWAMP is a flexible, java based workflow server that runs on top of tomcat. It reads its workflow definitions from XML files. Administration and tracking of workflow instances, execution of individual tasks can be done via the web and SOAP interfaces.
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carrizal—Freshwater tule swamps of bullrushes and reeds ~ 1 meter high (best example at Palo Verde).
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Swamp is a comic strip created by Australian Gary Clark. It was first published in 1981. According to Clark, the inspiration and model for this strip was the creeks and lagoons in a bushy suburban Brisbane where he grew up in the 1960s.
Several meanings: the SWAMP is the location where you drop your treasure to score points; SWAMP is a direction which moves you one room in the general direction of the swamp; to SWAMP means to drop an object in the swamp. Novice: "what do I do with this vase?" Wiz: "go swamp to the swamp and swamp it!". Treasure. All players call it T, you rarely see TREASURE except in conversations involving novices or people pretending to be novices.
An area near the Manhattan side of Brooklyn bridge just south of the current City Hall set aside for tanning in 1664. Remained for 275 years.
a situation fraught with difficulties and imponderables; "he was trapped in a medical swamp"
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a giant sponge
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a bad place to have injun trouble
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a forlorn, lonely place, where few people go
To clear brush and obstructions for a cat clearing roads or skidtrails. The person doing this hand work is called a swamper.
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a mighty river without boundaries
a great place to explore for turtles, birds, insects and even snakes
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Science Working Group for the EOS AM-1 Platform
Southern Waste Management Partnership