Definitions for "Swami "
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master of the self
A term of respectful address for a sannyasi, or monk.
Swami: Spiritual Teacher
Swami is an instrument patch file editor using SoundFont files that allows you to create and distribute instruments from audio samples used for composing music. It uses FluidSynth, a software synthesizer, which has real time effect control, support for modulators, and routable audio via JACK. This project supersedes the Smurf SoundFont Editor, and is an entire object-oriented rewrite of it.
An instrument editor and so much more. Create and edit sample based instruments in SoundFonts for composing computer music; easily manage and connect instruments to MIDI sequencers; with plans for Python scriptability and multi-peer internet jam sessions
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This term hasn't been defined yet
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Traditional climbing harness made by wrapping webbing around the waist. Also refers to the waist-belt portion of a climbing harness, sometimes sold separately from the leg loops for a custom fit.