Definitions for "svc "
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See Switched Virtual Circuit.
Switched Virtual Circuit. A SVC is a switched channel to the end system that is only activated when information is passed from one end to the other. This allows for bandwidth that might otherwise be allocated to a permanent channel to be utilized to its full extent, and available at all times to active SVC's. See also Permanent Virtual Circuit.
See switched virtual circuits.
Superior vena cava. The major vein that receives the deoxygenated blood from the upper limbs and the head and neck. The SVC returns this blood to the right atrium.
See Superior vena cava
superior vena cava. The vein that carries blood to the right atrium from parts of the body that are superior to the heart.
Static Var Compensator
Power electronic system that without rotating part (static) compensates fluctuations in the voltage and current of an electric grid (VAR)
Stored Value certificate. This refers to a certificate of value that is issued through the CyberSource Stored Value processor (SVP) server. There are several types of SVCs, including gift, promotional, incentive, and compensation. Generally, the type is only significant in that it designates the purpose of the SVC. However, one important difference among the types is that a gift certificate is purchased by one customer and issued to another customer. Promotional, incentive, and customer service certificates are issued directly by merchants to customers, and they do not have purchasers associated with them.
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Spring Viremia of Carp
Strategic Vendor Contract. enhanced contracts that Procurement has established with selected vendors in order to maximize the purchasing power of the University while reducing the overall cost of goods and services. These contracts offer numerous features to the Yale community such as online ordering, desktop delivery and acceptance of Yale VIP numbers. (see Procurement web site)
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Serif a href http www svc org Society of Vacuum Coaters
Sacramento Valley Conservancy
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svc is a service toolbox for building trigger-launched programs, wrapping TTYs, and making lock files.
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Saab Variable Compression
Supervisor call routine. An operating system routine invoked by an SVC macro to perform some supervisory, operating system function (e.g. open a file).
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The ISO currency code for the El Salvador Colon.
Standing Veterinary Committee
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Swap Swap assignment
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SAN Volume Controller
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stored value card. a card that stores information about value and can be used in exchange for goods and services. (p. 118)