Definitions for "Sustained"
Keywords:  tannic, tannins, flavour, rich, colour
wine which is rich in colour, concentrated in flavour Top of the page Tannic rich in tannins
Keywords:  pasion, pitch, uniform, music, writing
Held up to a certain pitch, degree, or level; uniform; as, sustained pasion; a sustained style of writing; a sustained note in music.
Keywords:  outage, anode, arcs, electric, minutes
(of an electric arc) continuous; "heat transfer to the anode in free burning arcs"
An electrical outage that lasts for more than two minutes.
Elongated movement, moving slowly with sustained transitions from one movement to another.
A Route with moves of a continuous grade and offering little or nothing in the way of rests.
delivery Controlled delivery that is engineered to release the active ingredient over an extended period in a well-defined and reproducible way.
social interaction with the same group of peers on a regular basis and extended over time
to affirm or approve, as when an appellate court sustains the decision of a lower court.
maintained at length without interruption or weakening; "sustained flight"
Keywords:  judge, proper, decide, objection, favor
A judge's ruling that an attorney's objection is proper.
To decide in favor of an objection of a party.