Definitions for "Suspended"
supported or kept from falling through the air or water.
Suspension is a temporary prohibition of a student from access to school grounds. It is used as a way of punishing the student for engaging in misconduct or breaking the school’s rules. See Expelled.
Kept in the air without support underneath. Instead, the structure is hung from above or secured at the side.
A selection may be temporarily suspended from betting. For Example, this may occur if there are team changes, injuries or extenuating circumstances such as changes to the weather.
trading in a company's shares is temporarily stopped, either by the company or the exchange, pending an announcement by the company or a decision by the exchange.
temporarily inactive
a site that has been accepted into a webring in the system, but which is no longer "active". A suspended site is not displayed on the Webring List (Hub) page.
When a detagged domain name becomes due for renewal, Nominet has a duty to contact the registrant of the detagged domain name to confirm that they do not want to renew the domain name before it can be cancelled. Once a registrant has confirmed they no longer require their domain name, or has not paid their renewal invoice, the registration will be suspended after 30 days and cancelled 60 days after expiry.
The underwriter cannot yet approve or deny the loan. More information is required.
A loan can neither be approved nor denied. More information is needed.
A publication status indicati ng that a title is not currently being published, but the publisher intends to resume publication.
A Perfect 4th which fulfills the 3rd function in a chord. (See also Augmented, Diminished, Dominant, Major, Minor, Perfect.)
The pausing of an exchange contract preventing all further trading on that contract or the temporary closure of a customer account preventing the customer trading in any contract.
The train rides below the track. The cars swing in relation to the track, and cannot contain inversions. Compare this with inverted.
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floor or slab held up by bearing walls or columns and beams
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the state of floating in water rather than being dissolved in it
A process is suspended if it has become non-executable, for example while waiting for an I/O request to be satisfied.
An item that's not currently available from the manufacturer but may be available later.