Definitions for "Surveyor"
One placed to superintend others; an overseer; an inspector.
One who surveys or measures land; one who practices the art of surveying.
A licensed design professional that prepares drawings defining existing site conditions, site boundaries, and sets monuments locating those boundaries.
One who views and examines for the purpose of ascertaining the condition, quantity, or quality of anything; as, a surveyor of highways, ordnance, etc.
An officer who ascertains the contents of casks, and the quantity of liquors subject to duty; a gauger.
In the United States, an officer whose duties include the various measures to be taken for ascertaining the quantity, condition, and value of merchandise brought into a port.
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Surveyor is a Didone classification serif typeface designed by Tobias Frere-Jones in 2001 as a custom typeface for use in Martha Stewart Living magazine. Surveyor recalls type found on maps and charts, labeling geographic features.
Person who carries out the pre-move inspection at the origin address and advises on all aspects of the move.
a person who inspects and values a property
Regulator who conducts nursing home inspections and investigates complaints.
a type of Light Cruiser also known popularly as an Science Vessel
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Series of lunar probes.
A person qualified by knowledge and skill to make a report on the condition and value of property and the cause of damage to it.
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Tax Free Cash Sum