Definitions for "SUR LIE"
(France) This term describes a wine that has been allowed to lie on its lees for some time before being racked off. The intention is to add extra richness and flavour to the wine.
(Sir-LEE)—French for "on the lees". Some white wines are barrel-aged in contact with dead yeast cells to produce a richer, yeastier-tasting wine.
Meaning "on the lees", this term refers to the winemaking practice of leaving wine, usually white wine, in contact with the lees after fermentation. Lees contact is inherent in the making of bottle fermented sparkling wines, but is also employed with some still wines, particularly Muscadet from the Loire, to add flavour and complexity to the wine. These wines often take on a very slight effervescence. French Wine Terms- Dallas Bartenders; Beverage Catering