Definitions for "Supreme Court"
The most senior judicial tribunal in each of the States and Territories. Each of the Supreme Courts have been set up under an Act of Parliament. Supreme Courts have both and original and appellate jurisdiction in both civil and criminal cases. In addition, all have a supervisory jurisdiction which enables them, through the issue of Prerogative Writs, to control all of those judicial and quasi-judicial bodies charged with the responsibility of administering justice. Appeals from decisions of Supreme Courts can usually be made to the HIgh Court of Australia Click here to go back to the glossary. If you entered from another page click your web browsers "back" button
(Pennsylvania). Highest appellate court in Pennsylvania.
The highest court in the California and the federal court structure. This court is almost exclusively an appeals court, accepting (by certiorari) only those cases that, in the court's descretion, involve issues of significant magnitude and social importance. Back to the Top
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