Definitions for "Supply Chain Management"
Keywords:  scm, logistics, chain, raw, distributor
This is an E-Commerce project based on XML, Java Servlets/JSP and JDBC focussing on supply chain management. Upon completion it will deliver an infrastructure on which different vendors interface via XML and manage a relational database with their product
The integration of the supplier, distributor, and customer logistics requirements into one cohesive process to include demand planning, forecasting, materials requisition, order processing, inventory allocation, order fulfillment, transportation services, receiving, invoicing, and payment. Also see the Council of Logistics Management's definition of Supply Chain Management.
One of the mega processes in a company, which encompasses the management of materials and information from the supplier to the end customer, with the objectives of maximising customer service and asset utilisation while minimising total delivery cost and inventory investment. This term describes how a manufacture, wholesales retailer, or third-party service provider operates and integrates its processes that make, move, buy or sell its products or services.
The process of materiel control including purchasing electronic and mechanical components using a variety of e-commerce data base sources and key vendors with an established track record.