Definitions for "Supervisors"
Keywords:  gfap, bih, osce, precautions, intervene
Employees who have authority to direct the tasks of other employees, and are therefore responsible for the job related environments to which their workers are exposed. Where required, supervisors are to develop local area procedures, train their workers regarding health and safety precautions, enforce rules, and maintain records.
OSCE employees who are authorized under GFAP to observe the election process in BiH to ensure free and fair elections. Given authority to intervene if situation threatens free and fair elections.
Also known as your tutor, he or she is usually a specialist in your chosen subject who performs much of your teaching and provides research advice.
The teachers who lead the supervisions and who are experts in a particular part of your course. Supervisors are often, but not always, Newnham Senior Members.
The people (up to three) nominated by the candidate to complete the questionnaire from the perspective of a direct supervisor (i.e., the person or people to whom the candidate directly reports).