Definitions for "SUPERMARKET"
A self-service food shop of between 300 square metres and 3,700 square metres gross floorspace. Thsi represents approximately 185 square metres to 2,320 square metres of net floorspace.
A conventional grocery store, but not a warehouse club or mass merchant, with annual sales of two million dollars or more per store.
a large self-service grocery store selling groceries and dairy products and household goods
Supermarket is a 4-issue comic book series written by Brian Wood and illustrated by Kristian Donaldson.
a good place to buy automotive products
a good place to buy CDs and tapes
Large domestic processors buying stock for domestic supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths.
The supermarket is a tool of the pull system that helps signal demand for the product. In a supermarket, a fixed amount of raw material, work in process, or finished material is kept as a buffer to schedule variability or an incapable process. A supermarket is typically located at the end of a production line (or the entrance of a u-shaped flow line).
In lean manufacturing terms, a supermarket is a tightly managed amount of inventory within the value stream to allow for a pull system. Supermarkets, often called inventory buffers, can contain either finished items or work-in-process. They are used to handle finished goods inventories being replenished from a continuous flow pacemaker process, between a continuous flow process and other manufacturing processes that are shared by other value streams and for incoming parts and material being pulled from supplier locations.
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a five minute drive away at Budens
a six-minute walk from the property
a block away, on the street where you get off the bus
a few blocks away, and a new retail complex is planned for the neighborhood
A shop floor, line-side location where parts are sorted and made ready for presentation to operators.
an inexpensive source of plant material for school use
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a place where you can find anything except your children"
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a major impact on this site