Definitions for "Superintendent"
One who has the oversight and charge of some place, institution, or organization, affairs, etc., with the power of direction; as, the superintendent of an almshouse; the superintendent of public works.
A person who has the authority to supervise or direct.
(noun) one who has executive oversight and charge
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1) The highest ranking individual in a school district (except in districts where the superintendent is outranked by the school board), aside from CEOs, public officials, lawyers, and media, which really run many school districts; 2) Occasionally used to specify ex-military officers or business people who have been officially designated the heads of school districts, even though they know nothing about education and are outranked by the school board, CEOs, public officials, lawyers, and the media; 3) In general, an overpaid stooge
Superintendent (Supt), often shortened to "Super", is a rank in British police services and in most English-speaking Commonwealth nations. In many Commonwealth countries the full version is Superintendent of Police (SP).
Overseeing; superintending.
a caretaker for an apartment house; represents the owner as janitor and rent collector
An apartment building employee who oversees the maintenance of the building.
person who manages technical and/or operational aspects of ships; may be further classified into marine superintendent or technical superintendent
A person who directs and manages the technical operation of a vessel including such aspects as repair and maintenance, purchase of spare parts, performance monitoring, certification, and dry docking. The person is usually based ashore. Synonym: technical superintendent.
A person responsible for the maintenance of a building.
an example of leadership for every midshipman and faculty member at the academy
The representative of the Contractor at the construction site, who is authorized to receive instructions from the Project Owner, and who is authorized to direct the performance of the work on behalf of the Contractor.
The contractor's representative who is responsible for continuous field supervision, coordination and completion of the work.
The Contractor's authorized representative in responsible charge of the Work.
an adult volunteer who is in charge of a specific department at the fair
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a Station Commander
a person who directs and manages an organization