Definitions for "Sump"
A round pit of stone, lined with clay, for receiving the metal on its first fusion.
The cistern or reservoir made at the lowest point of a mine, from which is pumped the water which accumulates there.
A pond of water for salt works.
The lower 1 inch area under the cylinders in a Joe cell.
In a canister assembly, the sump is the part that screws into the head and holds the cartridge.
In most filter descriptions - this refers to the actual body (the round cylinder part the head of the filter is mounted to) where the filter cartridge is housed.
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A puddle or dirty pool.
Keywords:  plume, subsurface, excavation, oil, pan
An excavation developed into the subsurface, generally within the oil plume, for the purposes of product recovery or treatment.
oil pan
a convenient place to house the skimmer and other accessories
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See 49 CFR 178.345.1 (c).
Keywords:  clearance, recess, spot, face, area
(1) A formed recess area of a part usually for clearance. (2) See spot face.