Definitions for "Summit"
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The top; the highest point.
The highest degree; the utmost elevation; the acme; as, the summit of human fame.
The most elevated part of a bivalve shell, or the part in which the hinge is situated.
Sandia Ultra-planar, Multilevel MEMS Technology; comes in both four- and five-layer versions.
Sandia Ultra Planar, Multi-level MEMS Technology. The Sandia MEMS fabrication process, consisting of a four-level polycrystalline silicon surface micromachining process. One ground plane/electrical interconnect and three mechanical layers. There is also a 5 layer version called SUMMit V.
a melding of musical super powers - in this case, German mad axeman Michael Schenker and vocalist Davey Pattison
Summit is a cold war board wargame introduced in 1961 by Milton Bradley as "The Top Level Game of Global Strategy", with an updated release in 1971. Each player choose one of the major powers from the 1950s/1960s era and controlled their economic and military build up during each turn, much like Risk.
Summit is a station served by New Jersey Transit's Gladstone Branch and Morristown Line, located in downtown Summit, New Jersey. It serves as a transfer station for those coming from Gladstone and wishing to go to New York, since most trains from Gladstone only go to Hoboken Terminal. It also serves as the originating point for numerous trains to both Hoboken and Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan.
In an EU context, this usually refers to the regular meetings or European Councils between the leaders of the 25 EU Member States. There are at least four such summits each year.
a meeting of heads of governments
a meeting between presidents of two countries or more to discuss something that is important for their country
a center in the School of Medicine dedicated to putting Stanford University at the forefront of medical and life-sciences education through the innovative use of information technology
Summit is a conference for university students organised by Campus for Christ, in Canada. It involves worship, fellowship, biblical training, and a variety of lighter activities (games, canoeing, etc.). It typically occurs the last weekend in September or first weekend in October.
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Manufacturer of argon floride excimer laser machines - Excimed UV200 and Omnimed.
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At Evergreen, a method of searching a pool of regional libraries for an item that is not available for check-out at our library. Books requested through SUMMIT are transferred to our library for the patron to check out, and are currently due back 3 weeks from check-out. Not the same as ILLiad.
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a great landmark on the road to a better America
"Summit" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on 21 May, 1999, during the fifth season.
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A proprietary bus used in the T-class.
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a day long event that features four individual sessions on topics ranging from building online brands to email marketing
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a very important event in the year for the region
a very small trade show with low numbers of participants