Definitions for "Sultana"
A kind of seedless raisin produced near Smyrna in Asiatic Turkey.
Known as Thompson Seedless in California. (See below).
pale yellow seedless grape used for raisins and wine
Keywords:  ruler, wife, kerithi, maldivian, radun
The wife of a sultan; a sultaness.
the usual title for a regnant female ruler. The title was usually accompanied by the Maldivian style of Kerithi Maha Radun.
The wife of a Sultan. - Compare with Sultan. Ar: Sovereign.
The steamboat Sultana was a Mississippi River paddlewheeler which was destroyed in an explosion on 27 April 1865, the greatest maritime disaster in United States history. An estimated 1,700 of the Sultana's 2,400 passengers were killed when one of the overcrowded ship's four boilers exploded and the Sultana sank. This disaster did not receive the press attention one would expect, due to the recent assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and the end of the Civil War.