Definitions for "Suicide attempt"
Self-injurious behavior with a nonfatal outcome accompanied by evidence (either explicit or implicit) that the person intended to die.
a potentially self injurious action that has a non fatal outcome for which there is evidence the individual wanted to kill him or herself
A potentially self injurious behaviour with a non-fatal outcome for which there is evidence, either explicit or implicit, that the person intended at some level to kill herself or himself. A suicide attempt may or may not result in injuries.
a cry for help -- a desperate effort to end the pain of suicide help
a cry for help and a warning that something is terribly wrong and should be taken with utmost seriousness
a desperate cry for help to end overwhelming pain and feelings of helplessness
a stronger predictor of potential suicide than known depression, a substance abuse history, failed exam stress, etc
an act focused on taking one's life that is unsuccessful in causing death.
Engaging in a behavior with the intent of ending one's life.