Definitions for "SUGAR"
A sweet white (or brownish yellow) crystalline substance, of a sandy or granular consistency, obtained by crystallizing the evaporated juice of certain plants, as the sugar cane, sorghum, beet root, sugar maple, etc. It is used for seasoning and preserving many kinds of food and drink. Ordinary sugar is essentially sucrose. See the Note below.
By extension, anything resembling sugar in taste or appearance; as, sugar of lead (lead acetate), a poisonous white crystalline substance having a sweet taste.
Compliment or flattery used to disguise or render acceptable something obnoxious; honeyed or soothing words.
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"Sugar" is a single by the Armenian-American alternative metal group System of a Down. It was released as an EP in 1998 and was taken from their self-titled debut album. The track's intense sound and edgy lyrics typify the group's style.
Sugar (슈가) is a Korean girl group. Although relatively new, they have managed to have some success in the South Korean market. Their last album has seen them go through an image and style change, as members have been changed.
Sugar is a Canadian romantic drama film, released in 2004. The film was directed by John Palmer, and written by Palmer, Todd Klinck and Jaie Laplante based on short stories by Bruce La Bruce.
In making maple sugar, to complete the process of boiling down the sirup till it is thick enough to crystallize; to approach or reach the state of granulation; -- with the preposition off.
organic sugar, a smooth, soft, meltable substance works to slough dead skin with it's granulation and gentle, mild sugars help rid the pores of dirt and toxins without stripping the skin like harsher glycolic and milk acids and sugars.
Sugar serves as a gentle exfoliant to remove damaged, dead, and dry skin cells.
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Host of a Cabaret Invitational Longball Championship. Vinnie Vanlowe sees fit to equip a pen from this prestigious event with a listening device and place it on Veronica's person. One can only assume that he was eager to hear her rendition of a Hall & Oates hit, but she doesn't have much to sing about in 2.11 "Donut Run."
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Free Caramel Sugar-Free English Toffee Sugar-Free Orgeat
Sugars occur naturally in tobacco. Darker wrappers, such as maduros, contain more sugar, making them sweeter.
Gary Fisher's unique and revolutionary lightweight design which makes “Full Suspension Cross-Country race bike” a true statement.
Much like SPICE does for circuit designers, SUGAR provides for MEMS designers a tool for quickly specifying their devices in a netlist type format and analyzing their devices with different simulation and mathematical techniques.
an important type of biological molecule that helps provide energy for living things
an essential structural component of living cells and source of energy for animals; includes simple sugars with small molecules as well as macromolecular substances; are classified according to the number of monosaccharide groups they contain
a growing field and discovering more about it can prove to be very edifying
a stimulating field and studying more about it can prove to be quite productive
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diabetes mellitus
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More stuff people add to juice to make you like it. Fruit already has naturally occuring sugar in it – why would you want to add more? Unless of course you're not putting much in there.
a wonderful industry and learning more about it can be very fruitful
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To rough up a shooter either on concrete or with sandpaper to afford oneself a better grip.
To impregnate, season, cover, or sprinkle with sugar; to mix sugar with.
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A kiss. "Come here and give me some sugar."
a stirring business and studying more about it can be very profitable
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The amount you have won in a game.
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food product of a plant.
food source of a plant.
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