Definitions for "Sufi"
Keywords:  mystic, dervish, ascetic, muslim, islam
A title or surname of the king of Persia.
One of a certain order of religious men in Persia.
follower of any of the Islamic mystical orders which emphasize dancing, chanting and trances to attain unity with Allah
Keywords:  housewife, carpenter, banker
a carpenter, a housewife, a banker
Keywords:  qadiri, rifai, novice, lit, wearer
Lit. "wearer of wool." In the Qadiri Rifai, one who has entered an order as a novice
a name that formerly in the East and Middle East was given to a person who tried to encourage his own spiritual development and the spiritual development of his fellow human beings
a very mysterious person from the Middle East
Keywords:  told, conscious, refuse, soul, beliefs
a religious soul whose nature is to refuse to submit to imposed beliefs, and who is conscious that life is not necessarily just what one might think it to be, nor what one is told it to be
a person who practices purification of heart
a person who has looked into the very essentials of religion and has discarded all that is non-essential
Keywords:  concept, statement, levels, works
a concept/statement that most often works on many levels
Keywords:  relating
of or relating to the Sufis or to Sufism