Definitions for "Sudden death"
Keywords:  overtime, winner, contest, playoff, tie
Extra holes played at the end of a competition between players who have tied for the lead.
This is where extra holes are played if there is a tie after finishing the round. Play continues until a participant wins a hole.
tie-breaker of predetermined length. The most commonly used are the 9-point tie-breaker, in which the first player to score 5 points is the winner, and the 13-point tie-breaker, which is won by the first player to score 7 points.
Keywords:  gruesome, tear, fabric, life
a gruesome tear in the fabric of life
Keywords:  clock, moves, player, remaining, time
A time control period where all the moves have to be played within a certain amount of time (on that player's clock).
A time when all remaining moves must be made or else a player will run out of time.
Keywords:  stud, five, low, card, high
High-low five-card stud.