Definitions for "Suckers"
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Small plants arising from the base of a larger plant.
Shoots growing from the roots or below the graft union.
Side shoots that grow after the flowering head of a tobacco plant has been removed. Because suckers rely on the main plant for water and minerals, their growth can lower the quality of the main leaves. Suckers are removed when the quality of the plant justifies the labor and expense needed for their removal. They can be removed by hand or with the use of chemicals.
any of numerous chiefly North American freshwater bony fishes closely related to the carps but distinguished from them especially by the structure of the mouth which usually has thick soft lips Mississippi: A Site for All Seasons
fish belonging to the family Catostomidae with soft rayed fins and a toothless mouth with suckerĀ­like protractile mouth and thick lips.
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Growth of small twigs from base of tree. Remove these as they detract nutrients and water.
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Anyone working at cross purposes to Purdue. Sample Usage: Suckers.