Definitions for "Successor"
One who succeeds or follows; one who takes the place which another has left, and sustains the like part or character; -- correlative to predecessor; as, the successor of a deceased king.
An unregistered entity that assumes or acquires substantially all of the assets and liabilities, and that continues the business of, a registered predecessor brokerage firm, who ceases its brokerage firm activities.
A job that cannot start until all of the predecessor jobs on which it is dependent are completed successfully.
a neighboring router that is currently being used for packet forwarding, provides the least cost route to the destination, and is not part of a routing loop
a neighboring router used for packet forwarding that has a least-cost path to a destination
Successor is Sonata Arctica's second professional release (an EP), through Spinefarm Records in 2000.
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Advisor-A person named to carry on the decision-making after the death of the last surviving advisor. This could be a relative, friend or representative of the advisor.
An individual named by the donor to succeed the donor in advising a donor-advised fund account in the event of the donor's death. A successor has no authority over the account until the donor's death, at which time the successor takes on all the responsibilities of the donor, with the ability to recommend grants, and name advisors and successors. A donor may name more than one successor and can declare that the successors will share responsibility for the account, or that the account funds will be split with each successor becoming responsible for a portion.
a person who follows another person in office or as ruler
something which immediately follows
A person chosen to act as executor or trustee if the person named in the will or trust cannot.
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(Ar. Taabi`i): a Muslim (other than a Companion) who met a Companion.
The primitive or compound item which the description points to.
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a task that comes after the current one
Individual coming later in a sequence.
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an entity that succeeds a corporation (i
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One that receives title to property.
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One who receives title to property. _______T_______