Definitions for "Subwoofer"
A speaker specially designed to reproduce a range of very low frequencies only usually in the range of 20-200 Hz.
A loudspeaker designed for low frequencies to reproduce the low frequencies from the .1 channel of 5.1 channel surround sound. Also used with small satellite speakers to reproduce the non-directional low frequencies.
This is a type of speaker that plays very low frequency bass notes. It takes a lot of power, and as it moves a lot of air, a lot of space, too. Often these are stored towards the back of the car, and mounted in a bracket to regulate air flow and movement. See also woofer.
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Sum/Summing Summing Resistor
an essential part of a multichannel setup
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a must for anyone who wants to maximise the output of their onboard audio system
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an important component of any good sound system because it lets you engage another one of your five senses-so that you can more fully experience music and movies
a significant and efficient upgrade to any music system
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an integral part of every home theater system
a very specialized product, high dependent on the very precise matching of all its components
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a win-win device
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a must have for this video game, it makes a world of difference with the game play