Definitions for "Subtype"
One class is a subtype of another class if all the operations of the second class of object also apply to objects of the first type - perhaps in a different way. Subtypes shown by the generalization arrow that has an open arrow head. T U V
In the hierarchy of user-defined datatypes, a subtype is always a dependent on its supertype.
A classification of virus among influenza types A viruses. Currently, there are 15 subtypes of type A influenza.
a distinct form of a microorganism.
Different strains of HIV which can be grouped according to their genes.
(Also called clade) For HIV, a classification scheme based on genetic differences among isolates.
a subgroup within a diagnosis that confers greater specificity
A designation used to distinguish among members of a species that have one or more differentiating characteristics.
A common pattern or grouping of signs and symptoms.
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