Definitions for "Subtractive primaries"
Keywords:  magenta, cyan, gamut, yellow, additive
Cyan, magenta, and yellow. Used to create reflective color. Cyan absorbs (subtracts) all red light, reflecting blue and green. Magenta absorbs all green light, reflecting blue and red. Yellow absorbs all blue light, reflecting red and green.
Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. When all three subtractive primaries are combined at 100% on white paper, black is produced. When these three are combined at varying intensities, a gamut of different colors is produced. Combining two primaries at 100% produces an additive primary, either red, green, or blue. 100% cyan + 100% magenta = blue; 100% cyan + 100% yellow = green; 100% magenta + 100% yellow = red.
Yellow, magenta, and cyan, the inks used )often with black) for process color printing.