Definitions for "Substratum"
That which is laid or spread under; that which underlies something, as a layer of earth lying under another; specifically (Agric.), the subsoil.
Layer or surface of snow within the snow pack.
any stratum lying underneath another
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The part f the soil below the solum.
The part of the soil below the solum.
The surface or underlying material that forms the bed of a body of water.
Solid surface to which a cell adheres.
The growth surface available for the attachment and growth of anchorage-dependent cells. Such a surface may be made of a range of materials including plastic and glass but must be chemically treated for optimum cell attachment. The term is often confused with "substrate" which should be reserved for a description of the nutrients available to the cells in the culture medium.
The permanent subject of qualities or cause of phenomena; substance.
An opinion on substance (the stuff the universe is made of), particularly held by Locke, that substance was that which had no properties itself, but lay underneath properties, like solidity, heat, colour, etc, and supported them. The substratum of a table, for example, supports its colour, solidity and shape.
The material in which a plant grows.
the rock or other material to which sedentary marine organisms are attached.