Definitions for "Substitution"
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The act of substituting or putting one person or thing in the place of another; as, the substitution of an agent, attorney, or representative to act for one in his absense; the substitution of bank notes for gold and silver as a circulating medium.
The state of being substituted for another.
The office or authority of one acting for another; delegated authority.
Procedure by which a bill reported adversely by a committee is overturned. Technically, the bill is substituted for the adverse report of the committee, reviving the legislation.
Procedure by which an adverse report of a committee is overturned. Technically, the bill is substituted for the adverse report, reviving the legislation.
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A method of solving systems of linear equations where you solve for one variable in one equation and substitute this quantity into the variable spot in the second equation.
a finite function that maps variables to terms
a map from variables to terms
A principle stating that a property's value tends to be set by the cost of acquiring an equally desirable substitute.
The appraisal principle that states that when several similar or commensurate commodities, goods or services are available, the one with the lowest price will attract the greatest demand and widest distribution.
A principle of valuation, stating that a property's greatest potential market value is limited by the market value of other, similar properties.
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a chord or a chord sequence which is used in place of the written chord
A chord put in the place of a different chord. A substitution can be made throughout a tune, or just ad lib at a particular moment. Usually the operative idea is that the root of the chord is changed, while the other voices are common to both chords. Typical examples—bII 7 for V7, and III for I.
A method of enciphering in which plaintext letters are changed as to identity but retain their original position.
In theatre, substitution refers to the method of understanding elements in the life of one's character by comparing them to elements in one's own life. For example, if an actor is portraying a character who is being blackmailed, he or she could think back to some embarrassing or private fact about his or her own life, and mentally superimpose that onto the character's secret. This is associated with the realism-driven presentational acting method.
The designation of a person in a will to take a devise or legacy, either on failure of a former devisee or legatee by incapacity or unwillingness to accept, or after him.
Prior to negotiation of the master credits in back-to-back and transferable credit operations, the prime beneficiary may substitute documents such as invoices and drafts.
The act whereby the prime beneficiary substitutes his own documents i.e. invoices and drafts, in back-to-back and transferable credit operations prior to negotiation of the master credits.
The doctrine that Christ suffered vicariously, being substituted for the sinner, and that his sufferings were expiatory.
Outputting a digit improperly, for example, outputting a six when a nine was scanned. Substitution errors point to a weakness in the cleanup algorithms, or in the symbology itself. Interleaved 2 of 5 is particularly weak.
an embedded python expression, whos evaluated value will be sent to the output stream of the component via a m
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May be made between periods, during time-outs, after a goal is scored and for an ejected player.
A coach may substitute one player, per event, per gender at the conclusion of a point. If a player is substituted for, he/she may mot return to the match in that same set.
When a player comes off the bench to take the place of another player on the field.
a relationship between two classifiers signifies that the substitutingClassifier complies with the contract specified by the contract classifier
the process of amending a contract between two parties so that a third party is interposed as an intermediary creditor/debtor between the two parties and the original contract between the two parties is satisfied and discharged.
A magician who performs when the magician who was supposed to be performing is out sick.
a polymorphism of no clinical significance
The economic process of trading off inputs and consumption due to changes in  prices arising from a constraint on greenhouse gas emissions.  How the extremely flexible U.S. economy adapts to available substitutes and/or finds new methods of production under a greenhouse gas constraint will be critical in minimizing overall costs of reducing emissions.
a straight transfer of credentials
A control of grounding a flammable liquid storage container to prevent the accumulation of a static electrical charge.
This happens where a firm substitutes one activity for a similar activity, eg recruiting a different job applicant, in order to take advantage of public sector assistance.
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See displacement.
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a rule that tells Memory Advisor how to modify the command
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(see gene substitution and nucleotide substitution)
In legal terms, the Right of Substitution is a statutory right of all parties except the State. It is the right to change the presiding court official with or without cause.
The presence of a non-identical amino acid at a given position in an alignment.
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An exchange of a card for one from the deck (Twist).