Definitions for "Subspecies"
A group somewhat lessdistinct than speciesusually are, but based on characters more important than those which characterize ordinary varieties; often, a geographical variety or race.
a classification below the species level; a population that can be distinguished from another population of the same species, but may be capable of interbreeding where their ranges overlap; the Florida and the Antillean manatees are considered subspecies of the West Indian manatee.
Geographically defined aggregate of local populations which differs taxonomically from other such subdivisions of the species.
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Subspecies is the first film in the Subspecies quadrilogy of films, which was produced by Full Moon Studios. Full Moon is famous for producing low budgeted horror films, like the Puppet Master film series.
Subspecies is a series of Full Moon Pictures horror films that was released in the 1990s. They are low-budget horror films that spawned a cult following, as did many of Full Moon's other films.
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Substrate Subtend
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an idea that was discarded by the scientific community sixty years ago
a branch showing slight but significant differences from another branch living in a different area