Definitions for "Subsidy"
A grant from the government, from a municipal corporation, or the like, to a private person or company to assist the establishment or support of an enterprise deemed advantageous to the public; a subvention; as, a subsidy to the owners of a line of ocean steamships.
An amount of money paid by government to a landlord to help reduce your rent.
A payment by government, perhaps implicit, to the private sector in return for some activity that it wants to reward, encourage, or assist. Under WTO rules, subsidies may be prohibited, actionable, or non-actionable.
Support; aid; coöperation; esp., extraordinary aid in money rendered to the sovereign or to a friendly power.
Specifically: A sum of money paid by one sovereign or nation to another to purchase the coöperation or the neutrality of such sovereign or nation in war.
Money payment or services (social, medical, or rehabilitate)
when a cell phone is purchased, it is generally subsidized by whichever network you connect to. You may only pay $1 for a phone worth $300. If the phone is then lost or stolen, the replacement cost will be a higher, unsubsidized price.
When you purchase a mobile phone, it will be subsidised by whichever network you connect to. You may only pay £30 for a phone worth £200. This is why insurance is important, because if the phone is stolen the replacement cost will be a higher, unsubsidised price.
money given to producers who are unable to produce at market price, or who provide services that are socially necessary but unprofitable.
Monies paid via the SRA to TOC's to operate unprofitable franchises
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A payment by the state, employer, or other source that pays all or part of the cost of the child care. (See also: contracted slot and voucher.)
Payments made by an employer to subsidise the cost of interest payments on a home loan. The amount and extent of the subsidy will vary from employer to employer and these can be calculated in many different ways. It is advisable to seek a specific statement from your employer on the operation of the arrangement.
Also known as Enhanced Coverage, subsidy is when an employer pays a portion or full amount of the premium for a period of time.
This term means the same as cost when it is used in connection with Federal credit programs.
an artificial incentive for lowering the cost of a good
In the provision of utility services, the difference between average user charges and the average incremental cost of supply. A subsidy can be estimated in economic terms, using economic costs of supply, or in financial terms using financial costs of supply. The economic effects of a subsidy include the consequences of meeting them through generating funds elsewhere in the economy. Subsidies need explicit justification on efficiency grounds, or to ensure access to a selected number of basic goods.
Money contributed by the state, regional/local authorities, or other publicly accountable bodies (e.g. arts or cultural councils). Normally offered to charitable or "non-profit" organisations to ensure the provision of services for the public benefit, or to keep the price of commodities at a reasonable level, and therefore increase access to the arts and cultural provision for all sections of society as a clear policy aim.
a billing rate used to charge selected customers, which is less than the billing rate approved by Fiscal Operations
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an expense borne by someone else
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a negative tax, so that we need consider only taxes