Definitions for "Subsection"
A subsection is one level within the Ecological Classification System (ECS). From largest to smallest in terms of geographic area, the ECS is comprised of the following levels: Province Section Subsection Land Type Association Land Type Land Type Phase. Subsections are generally 1-4 million acres in size in Minnesota, with the average being 2.25 million acres. Seventeen subsections are scheduled for the SFRMP process (see subsection map and SFRMP schedule).
a section of a section; a part of a part; i.e., a part of something already divided
An ecological unit in the subregion planning and analysis scale of the National Hierarchical Framework corresponding to subdivisions of a Section into areas with similar surficial geology, lithology, geomorphic process, soil groups, subregional climate, and potential natural communities. (ECOMAP 1993.)
This keyword refers to a link to a document serving as a subsection in a collection of documents.