Definitions for "Subscription"
A subscription is a request to receive presence updates from a Jabber User or other Jabber Entity. The receiving entity may refuse a subscription, preventing the requesting party from seeing presence updates. If the receiving entity approves the subscription, the requesting party will see presence updates.
An ongoing order for a periodical.
A subscription is a request to receive presence updates from a Jabber user or a Jabber entity. The receiving entity may refuse a subscription, disallowing the requesting party to see presence updates, or may approve the subscription, letting the requesting party see presence updates. A subscription can be to one entity from another, from one entity to another or bi-directional.
The act of subscribing.
That which is subscribed.
Sum subscribed; amount of sums subscribed; as, an individual subscription to a fund.
A method of purchasing items produced periodically in a series, as newspapers or magazines, in which a certain number of the items are delivered as produced, without need for ordering each item individually; also, the purchase thus executed.
The arrangement by which, in return for a sum paid in advance, a periodical, newspaper, or other serial is provided for a specified number of issues.
A transaction wherein the buyer purchases a product or service for a period of time. For example, a subscription to an online magazine, where a buyer purchases the right to access a collection of online content comprising the magazine for a period of months.
A paper to which a signature is attached.
The signature attached to a paper.
Consent or attestation by underwriting the name.
a bundle of a different sort
a season ticket package
a way of bundling diverse materials together over a set period, in return for a set fee from the user
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Purchase of newly issued securities.
Agreement to buy new issue of securities.
Application Money in whole or in part that is made for the issue of Shares
a set of information about a customer that you store in the CyberSource database for future billing
In SQL Remote replication, a link between a publication and a remote user, allowing the user to exchange updates on that publication with the consolidated database. In MobiLink synchronization, a synchronization subscription is a link in a client database between a publication and a MobiLink user allowing the data described by the publication to be synchronized. See also: publication, remote user, MobiLink user.
A request for Replication Server to maintain a replicated copy of a table, or a set of rows from a table, in a standby database at a specified location. See also replication definition and Replication Server. sells images one at a time, but the most efficient way to buy images these days is through subscription. It's the only place you'll find very high-resolution stock photos (25-67 MB) and Photo-Objects images (18-25 MB) that are royalty-free and truly useable, and offered through subscription. Search and download all the images you need for one low rate, instead of paying for each image separately. Subscriptions are ideal for those who frequently buy images for professional use, because it means substantial savings over the course of one month, three months, six months or one year. Click here to learn more about subscriptions on
An offer to buy a specified number of theretofore unissued shares of a corporation.
Permits an end-user customer served from a Equal Access office to automatically route, without the use of an access code, the customer's local toll and long distance communications to an Interexchange Carrier of the customer's choice. The customer may also gain access to an alternate Interexchange Carrier by using the appropriate carrier access code; for example, 1010XXX.
a combination of media (your files) and Permissions (User Names and passwords) that are used to control access to your encrypted media
a long term payment for access to information
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an order that is placed for you automatically at a specified interval
an order that the customer receives year after year and is applicable to most of IATA's publications (Book, CDrom, Web download, PDF)
A method of marking a favorite page so that Internet Explorer will automatically monitor the site for new content, and download the updated page. You can specify the information that is downloaded when you browse offline.
A subscription is an agreement between a customer and WebNewsOnLine to deliver pages when events occur in specific sports subject areas (such as NCAA Basketball).
an order of five or more event titles
See Event Subscription.
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The acceptance of articles, or other tests tending to promote uniformity; esp. (Ch. of Eng.), formal assent to the Thirty-nine Articles and the Book of Common Prayer, required before ordination.
The amount an underwriter accepts as its liability under an insurance or a reinsurance contract.
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Fee paid by owner to nominate a horse for a stakes race or to maintain eligibility for a stakes race.
Fees required of owner who enters a horse in a stakes race.
Contract commitment that provides an organization with the right to utilize a vendor recovery facility for processing capability in the event of a disaster declaration.
Contract commitment providing an organization with the right to utilize a vendor recovery facility for recovery of their mainframe processing capability.
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Submission; obedience.
a benefit of membership in NAVA
A Subscription is the name given to the standing agreement which allows an account to automatically pay for additional membership credit. See here if you want more information on subscriptions. See also Membership Credit.
An amount of payment for the services provided in connection with the organiszation of the functioning and in connection with the development of the Unified Energy System of Russia
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a callback interface
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a great gift for anyone on your list
a great idea for that hard-to-buy-for person
a great idea for the hard to buy for person
the process whereby a title is sold to booksellers in advance of publication and orders taken which are held as dues until shortly before the publication date.
That part of a prescription which contains the direction to the apothecary.
a unidirectional relationship between two endpoints where one endpoint acting as a
a saved set of search criteria (e
A mechanism to route messages that match certain property comparison criteria into a Work queue.
a vote and the media outlet serves an audience similar to a constituency
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a departure from the 'pay per model' formula
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The act of signing up for a service on a pay-per-use basis
The extent to which an insurer is liable under a slip or policy signed on behalf of several insurers.
a voluntary donation to help support game costs
The manner by which an investor participates in a limited partnership through investment.
The investment of a unit holder in a fund.
a fine investment
Adding summaries of web sites' content to a feed reader by instructing the reader to check the sites' feeds for you.
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A buyer undertakes during book-building to take over a specified number of shares within a pre-defined price-band.
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an easy way to keep up with the regular bug fixes to the X Window System
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a pledged contribution
See subscription set.
a set of application state associated with a dialog
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The fee you pay to become a hunt member.
a flexible, economical, calendar month based program designed for advertisers with multiple properties
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The purchase of stock under the terms of a right or warrant, at the subscription price which may be higher or lower than the market price.
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a block of ad space which allows you to change individual ads (inventory) without having to purchase new ads
a collection of interactive forms that allows you to work more efficiently
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a collection of related Notes or Tasks
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a copy of tables involved in publication on client side
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a legal and binding contract