Definitions for "Subscript"
An expression indicating the position of a particular element in an array.
a value used as an index to select an element of a structure or a substring of a string. Tables can be subscripted by a value of any type; all other subscripts are integers.
In programming, a value enclosed in brackets ([ ]) that indicates either the number of elements in an array in the array declaration or the offset position within an array. In printing, one or more characters printed slightly below the bottom edge of the surrounding text.
Written below or underneath; as, iota subscript. (See under Iota.) Specifically (Math.), said of marks, figures, or letters (suffixes), written below and usually to the right of other letters to distinguish them; as, a, n, 2, in the symbols Xa, An, Y2. See Suffix, n., 2, and Subindex.
Anything written below.
Text that appears slightly lower than the text around it. Superscript is text that appears slightly higher than the text around it.
Index variable.
subscript is a notation that we attach to the lower right of a constant, variable or function name to create a new, but similarly named constant, variable or function. For example, in 1, log, and effective, the number 1, the constant , and the word "effective" all serve as subscripts to the variable name, , the function name, log, and the constant name, .
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A subscript (such as term2).