Definitions for "Subroutine"
This refers to a mini program that resides inside another program and is called within that program. Typically, you put together a subroutine when you have to do similar repetitive tasks in different areas of your program and you don't want to code the same thing over and over again.
the smallest unit of program source code which can be invoked at program execution time by other subroutines (within the same module or other modules) to perform tasks. Its attributes include: it may or may not be re-usable or re-entrant to itself (it should have only one entry point); it is not compilable by itself; it is language dependant and can call or be called (by other subroutines). Depending on program language used, a subroutine may be referred to as a "function" or a "section."
A group or sequence of instructions for a specific programming task that is called by another program.
a collection of commands that allows you to perform a given task repeatedly, with minor variations, without actually duplicating the commands
a collection of one or more rLogo commands
a function that starts its execution at the beginning of its body each time it is called
a function that returns no value
a user-defined function
A procedure that does not return a value. Compare with function.
a typical example of Bayesian modeling
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a nifty little thing that is almost never used outside of games
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a script within a script
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A subroutine is synonymous to a method.
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See Procedure.
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a set of operations that has a name