Definitions for "Subordination"
The quality or state of being subordinate or inferior to an other; inferiority of rank or dignity; subjection.
Place of inferior rank.
Agreement As used in a lease, the tenant generally accepts the leased premises subject to any recorded mortgage or deed of trust lien and all existing recorded restrictions, and the landlord is often given the power to subordinate the tenant's interest to any first mortgage or deed of trust lien subsequently placed upon the leased premises.
Making an element appear to hold a secondary or lesser importance within a design or work of art.
Relegation to a lesser position, usually in respect to a right or security.
The process of sharing the risk of credit losses disproportionately among two or more classes of securities
A type of internal credit support characterised by a senior class of securities and one or more subordinated classes which payment is contingent upon repayment on full of the obligations on the senior notes. In case of default, any loss is absorbed by the subordinated securities. In this way the senior class is unaffected unless the total losses exceed the amount of subordinated tranche.
An arrangement by which certain claims may not be paid before others.
An agreement by which a lienholder, a lessee or one having an interest or claim in or against personal or real property places the interest behind that of another. Return to Top of Glossary
Placing the right of one person behind those of another.
the quality of obedient submissiveness
The act of subordinating, placing in a lower order, or subjecting.
The act or process by which an encumbrance is made subject (junior) to another encumbrance.
the act of mastering or subordinating someone
the grammatical relation of a modifying word or phrase to its head
making one clause in a sentence dependent on another.
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the state of being subordinate to something