Definitions for "Submit"
To yield, resign, or surrender to power, will, or authority; -- often with the reflexive pronoun.
To leave or commit to the discretion or judgment of another or others; to refer; as, to submit a controversy to arbitrators; to submit a question to the court; -- often followed by a dependent proposition as the object.
To yield one's person to the power of another; to give up resistance; to surrender.
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To send something to another system - e.g. the grid engine or a printer.
To send information. "Submit" or "go" buttons can be found on a number of our webpages that act as forms and let you enter information to send to us. Submiting the form sends it to a person or to another web page that will check or validate that the information is appropriate and correct. A "go" button is also used to start searching for content on our site after you enter keywords in the site search.
Traders who wish to transmit an order to the appropriate trading pit or electronic trade matching platform for execution as quickly as possible -- without first reviewing the order on a verification screen -- may click the Submit button directly. Alternatively, XPRESSTRADE customers have the opportunity to review any order for accuracy prior to transmitting it by clicking the Verify button on any order entry screen.
Verb used to describe literal actions taking place. To give up control, willpower, be guided, take a subservient position, either consensually or nonconsensually. This word is outside of any notions of consensus on the actions taking place in the power-exchange.
Action within the prepare panel signifying that the creator of the journal has completed that journal and that all values within the journal are accurate to the best of their ability. At this time, the journal will be passed on within the JEMS system for approval by the desginated approver.
an action that exits of the current form
Submit is an album by the British band Pitch Shifter, released in 1992. Fitting somewhere between an EP and a full-length album, it was the last album to feature Stuart Toolin in the band. The original CD release (in 1992) did not have the two live tracks and Silo was a hidden track.
accept or undergo, often unwillingly; "We took a pay cut"
After you perform an action on a file, you must submit the file so that it can be approved and integrated into the staging area. For example, if you edit a file in your workarea, you must submit it so that your changes can be reviewed and promoted to the staging area when approved. When your work reaches the staging area it is integrated with the work of other contributors into publishable, deployable content
The second step in the process for adding content to Urban Forestry South. Users submit content they have created to a reviewer to determine acceptability.
Placing a message and associated properties in the appropriate tables in the MessageBox database and scanning the Subscription directory for subscriptions whose predicates match the properties of the message.
When a wrestler gives up ending the match.
put before; "I submit to you that the accused is guilty"
check in, put After you change a file in your client workspace, you submit your change to the depot.
automatically e-mails your document to the instructor (you can't get it back!)
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To let down; to lower.
to let another animal boss or lead. Submissive wolves lower their tails, lay their ears back and roll over on their back around dominant wolves.
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The act of transmitting a prepared digital object for deposit into the Digital Preservation Repository. Objects are prepared in accordance with the submission agreement and the CDL Guidelines for Digital Objects.
You can submit your domain name to the search engines so that their ‘spiders' or ‘robots' will crawl your site. You can also submit articles to ‘article submission sites' in order to have them published on the Internet.
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IAR online functions for an Agent to submit the weekly Sales Report.
When an owner creates a Portfolio for participants to complete, they expect that once the participant has finished their work, it will be returned to the Portfolio owner. This is called submitting the Portfolio, just as when you hand an assignment into a TA or professor, your Portfolio cannot be changed until they hand it back to you by "Returning" it.
make over as a return; "They had to render the estate"
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make an application as for a job or funding; "We put in a grant to the NSF"
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To file a document with the clerk of the court.
form input attribute that transfers data from a form to a script.» Back to top of screen
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hand over formally
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The submit Element
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To put or place under.