Definitions for "Submenu"
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menu that appears after the user selects a higher-level menu option from the menu bar. Most submenus have a small triangle next to them which implies a series of choice for that menu item exists. For example, if under the "File" choice of a menu bar is an "Import" option with a small triangle, the series of options that appears when the small triangle is selected (spreadsheet, picture, or object) is the submenu.
See cascading menu.
A menu that displays additional choices that is displayed through a menu item on a menu. SunScreen The name of a family of security products produced by the Internet Commerce Group. SunScreen is a dedicated hardware security solution enabling companies to connect securely to and conduct business privately over an unsecured public network. SunScreen SPF-100 Winner of LAN magazine's 1996 Product-of-the-Year Award in the firewall category, the SunScreen SPF-100 acts as a traditional firewall, while securing communications over the Internet by engaging in encryption, authentication and key agreement procedures. One of the best uses of the SunScreen SPF-100 is as an Internet gateway which protects a corporate network from break-ins. The SunScreen SPF-100 also encrypts data sent out on the Internet or intranet and protects it. It is a complete hardware/software solution. The SunScreen SPF-100 is a stealthy machine that encrypts and decrypts without being detected. In short, the SunScreen SPF-100 is invisible on the network, and you can't break something you can't see.
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