Definitions for "sublime"
Keywords:  awe, lofty, exalt, grandeur, inspire
Lifted up; high in place; exalted aloft; uplifted; lofty.
Distinguished by lofty or noble traits; eminent; -- said of persons.
Awakening or expressing the emotion of awe, adoration, veneration, heroic resolve, etc.; dignified; grand; solemn; stately; -- said of an impressive object in nature, of an action, of a discourse, of a work of art, of a spectacle, etc.; as, sublime scenery; a sublime deed.
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Porte Ottoman Empire palace entrance that provided access to the chief minister, representing the government and the sultan. Term came to mean the Ottoman government.
Porte (short form, the Porte) Term used by Europeans to designate the Ottoman court or the government of Ottoman Turkey; derived from the gate (port) of the sultan's palace, at which justice was administered in ancient times.
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Sublime was an American band from Long Beach, California. The band's music combined a mix of reggae and dub, punk, funk, and hip hop. Sublime consisted of three members: Brad Nowell (vocals and guitar), Bud Gaugh (drums), and Eric Wilson (bass guitar).
Sublime is the self-titled hit album released by the eponymous band. It was originally intended to be called Killin' It, but the band and record label agreed to respectfully substitute an eponymous title due to lead singer Bradley Nowell's death before the album's release. The album was a major commercial success, going five times platinum in 1999 and etching Sublime into a permanent place among the stars of mid-90s alternative rock.
"Sublime" (2002) is the second song released by Shakaya from their self-titled debut album Shakaya.
Keywords:  vapor, condense, solid, gaseous, melt
Sublime is collection of organization/conversion/publication-tools for photographers.
To subject to the process of sublimation; to heat, volatilize, and condense in crystals or powder; to distill off, and condense in solid form; hence, also, to purify.
To pass off in vapor, with immediate condensation; specifically, to evaporate or volatilize from the solid state without apparent melting; -- said of those substances, like arsenic, benzoic acid, etc., which do not exhibit a liquid form on heating, except under increased pressure.
Sublime is the name of a comic book character from DC Comics/Wildstorm Comics. Real name, Rachel Goldman, is a member of the super human team DV8.
Sublime, also known as John Sublime, is a supervillain (actually a fictional sentient "bacteria") in the Marvel Comics universe. Sublime first appeared as John Sublime in the New X-Men Annual 2001.
To raise on high.
lifted up or set high; "their hearts were jocund and sublime"- Milton
Of very high quality and causing great admiration.
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JBAD. Where bad news travels quickly.
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The sublime is that which blows our minds.
Keywords:  article, definite
That which is sublime; -- with the definite article