Definitions for "Subgroup"
A subdivision of a group, as of animals.
A logical grouping of objects or events which displays only random event-to-event variations, e.g., the objects or events are grouped to create homogenous groups free of assignable or special causes. By virtue of the minimum within group variability, any change in the central tendency or variance of the universe will be reflected in the "subgroup-to-subgroup' variability.
A subset H of a group G is a subgroup (of G) provided it's a group with respect to the group operation of G.
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A fader on larger mixers that receives the level of all the input channels that are assigned to it, controls the level of the combined signal, and then passes that signa on to the master level controls. Often subgroups have their own independant outputs to allow for multi-track recording. Features on a subgroup vary depending on the mixer. The concept is to allow multiple microphones that are related (like all the drum mics or all the male background vocals) to have one overall control each. see VCA
a mixer within a mixer
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Submediant Submix
a place/park where Amtgard is played under the auspices of the Kingdom in accordance with the Amtgard Rulebook, Monster Manual, EH Corpora, and any legally binding signed documents
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a class of Medicare enrollees of an HMO or CMP that CMS constructs on the basis of actuarial factors
The term used to collectively refer to all entities under another entity. For example, subgroups of the Executive Board include the Standards Development Board, Standards Policy Board, the Executive Board Committees, ad hocs, etc. while subgroups of the Standards Development Board include TCs, ad hocs, etc.