Definitions for "Stymie"
Keywords:  thwart, stump, obstruct, fwart, dwart
a thwarting and distressing situation
to dwart, stump, o' obstruct. Man
to fwart, stump, right, or obstruct.
Keywords:  putt, golf, striker, opponent, styme
The position of two balls on the putting green such that, being more than six inches apart, one ball lies directly between the other and the hole at which the latter must be played; also, the act of bringing the balls into this position.
stymied) - In the "Old Days" of golf, players did not mark their balls on the putting surface. If your opponents ball was in your path you were considered "stymied". You either had to play the shot around or over your opponents ball, without hitting it. This practice was abolished in 1951. styme is a Scottish word used to describe people who are partially blind.
This refers to an object that is in the way of a golfers shot and lies between the golfer's ball and the green i.e. a tree.
Stymie (April 4, 1941 - 1962) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse. A small red chestnut who started out running with his head high, but unfortunately, also running slowly, was one of the great bargains in thoroughbred racing history.
hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of; "His brother blocked him at every turn"
Keywords:  impede, bring, position
To bring into the position of, or impede by, a stymie.