Definitions for "Style Sheets"
Keywords:  css, cascading, xsl, xslt, layout
The information that specifies the appearance of a Web Page. It may either appear in the head of a Web Page or in an external file.
These define a document's appearance by specifying features such as the default font, spacing, heading levels, line spacing and margin widths. In web pages, the style rules are often embedded in the document heading or linked to a separate sheet.
Same as CSS. In web design, Style Sheets refers to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Style Sheets allows web designers to control the style and layout of websites very easily. Styles can be declared in an external style sheet, then all web pages can link to the one style sheet. If you need to update the styles across the whole website, you only need to change one file.
Coding formats (size, leading, color, etc.) that can be applied instantly to selected text in desktop publishing programs.
Very useful for creating consistent "styles and sizes" for your BODY COPY & HEADINGS