Definitions for "Style Sheet"
An important term for a productivity enhancing feature found in page layout and word processing software. Used to speed text formatting and assure more consistent text formatting in a publication. The user can define a set of text formatting options (font, point size, leading, spacing, etc.) and name that set of formatting commands. Names such as "headline", "body copy", "caption" indicate the anticipated uses. Once defined, a style sheet can be applied to copy and that copy will instantly take on all attributes of that style sheet. Additional productivity gains are achieved since the user can redefine a style sheet after it has been applied to copy and the copy can be instantly modified throughout the publication. It takes just a moment to redefine a caption style, for example and modify 200 captions.
A collection of styles frequently used in a specific type of document.
A separate file that is used with a document containing generalized markup to declare how each generalized text element is to be formatted for display.
a document the copyeditor prepares that lists the grammatical conventions, characters, places, unusual or made-up words, and the distinctive treatment of words (capitalization, hyphenation, favored spellings, etc
a term used by development editors, copyeditors, and proofreaders (the people who work for a publisher that check a book manuscript for grammar, spelling, consistency, style, errors, and much, much more)
A list, usually prepared by the copyeditor, showing any decisions made concerning possibly controversial issues; for example, how certain words or phrases are spelled, hyphenated, or capitalized.
a definition, like a record or field definition, that you create in PeopleSoft Application Designer
a standalone definition that can be upgraded, deleted, renamed, and so on
a text file containing style definitions
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a concise guide to using
a group of option settings
a set of style properties and accompanying style values that describe the appearance of XHTML elements to which they are applied
a series of instructions, called statements
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The collection of all the styles used for one publication.