Definitions for "Style Guide"
A manual that includes specific instructions for the proper use and placement of type and graphics. Editorial style guides outline instructions for standardizing punctuation and proper usage according to an agreed-upon style for a set of publications.
a publication which specifies details of writing style required by a particular publishing house or professional organization, including such matters as punctuation, capitalization, and rules for citing references. For example, the ACS Style Guide : a Manual for Authors and Editors.
A comprehensive description of standards that an organization expects designers to conform to. The style guide usually discusses how an interface will look and what the underlying coding structure should look like as well. Designers may still be given a lot of flexibility as to how they achieve their design.
a document that defines the linguistic, stylistic and terminological guidelines for a company's documentation
a document that prescribes the 'styles' or standard format for the presentation of information
A documented set of standards, guidelines and templates related to design fields involved in the creation of the user experience of an information solution.
a set of mandatory requirements for layout and formatting
A definition of the layout for content. Can specify typefaces, font sizes, etc.
an useful handbook for in-text referencing
an appropriate place to put design information that crosses disciplines
A definition of site structure, page design, typography and copy defined within a company. See Graphic design
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an essential reference tool for anyone aiming for consistency and quality in their published material
a tool to help you get the best out of that asset
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a small book or publication with the main purpose of providing guidance on language use
an essential first step in achieving consistent content quality
a reference for people who add content to the site or who manage sites
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