Definitions for "Sturgeon"
Any one of numerous species of large cartilaginous ganoid fishes belonging to Acipenser and allied genera of the family Acipenseridæ. They run up rivers to spawn, and are common on the coasts and in the large rivers and lakes of North America, Europe, and Asia. Caviar is prepared from the roe, and isinglass from the air bladder.
large primitive fishes valued for their flesh and roe; widely distributed in the North Temperate Zone
Sturgeon eggs, known commonly as caviar, are one of the world's most well recognized delicacies. Sturgeon live in rivers, coastal marine waters, and lakes in the Northern hemisphere and mature at a relatively late age, usually between 15 and 25 years, though they can live to be over 100 years old. Because of this late maturity, their populations are particularly vulnerable to overfishing. Because of declining natural populations, coupled with the continued popularity and profitability of caviar, sturgeon farming has gained more focus on the global scale.
a proposed unit of magnetic reluctance. Reluctance is the opposite of inductance (see henry). The reluctance in sturgeons equals 1 divided by the inductance in henrys; one sturgeon is also equal to one ampere per weber (A/Wb). The unit honors the English engineer William Sturgeon (1783-1850), the inventor of the electromagnet.
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The Theodore Sturgeon Award, for the best short science fiction of the year.