Definitions for "Study Group"
a collection of individuals who gather together regularly to improve their understanding of some non-trivial subject, such as a body of great literature, by participating in a focused discussion
a forum where academic mathematicians work on problems directly related to industry
a gathering of UOU members and their friends who choose to come together once or twice a month to further their spiritual understanding through the study of UOU spiritual lessons
a group with a given structure for learning together through examination or written materials. A study group increases the knowledge base of educators, encourages dialogue among professionals, builds trust, and improves staff morale. It also gives educators a sense of empowerment over their own learning and helps to produce a real shared vision of the school. A study group is a tool for establishing a professional learning community.
the group that you choose to survey.
a collaborative group of educators who are committed to enhancing or improving their professional practice and self-organize to engage in an extended study and discussion of a topic relevant to their work
a great way to study for problem-solving tests
a marvelous way to feel less isolated
a joint enterprise in which members share responsibility for planning the meetings-selecting books and preparing discussion questions
a regular meeting of individuals who select a book to read and discuss
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a little different
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a good aid to have
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a useful tool to work on readings
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See arm.