Definitions for "STUDIES"
University or vocational training courses. The EU supports the international exchange of students and academics, as it believes this will foster positive foreign relations. (See Immigration: Study, vocational training or voluntary service)
a kind of University multicultural boondoggle, designed to dcoy potential allies into quietism or meaningless arguments about Indian, oops, Native American like they say in PC circles, culture, values, etc
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a different composition (different chemical structure) than Q-Slim fibers, it preserves and utilizes concepts learned from Q-Slim research
an exciting, modern subject, which allows students to investigate and better understand today's media saturated society
To contemplate; to learn all the possibilities, applications, variations, or relations or a subject before making plans and/or taking action.
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a benefit we had not anticipated," said Stocker
Types of studies defined in this Glossary are animal, case-control, cohort, clinical and prospective.
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a free market with no dairy price supports or milk marketing orders
a complex process that requires the availability of sufficient technical, financial and human resources
Keywords:  difficult, task, consuming, time
a very difficult and time consuming task
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a plus, as is knowledge of programming languages
an obligation of the project developer