Definitions for "Students"
Views course content, takes quizzes, posts messages and, if allowed, can add or modify content in the student presentation area.
any person previously or currently enrolled or registered for credit or noncredit coursework within the University; or any person who has made application for such enrollment within the past twelve (12) months. Student Records
participants in DETYA programs enrolled at this University, OLA enrollees and participants in approved short programs offered by the University. NB clarification of the definition of a student is currently under review by the Registry.
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a hallmark of our program
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a great way to give back to the MBA community and to help develop future business leaders
a faculty with extensive experience in both public and private accounting
a special privilege and they bring to the classroom both academic expertise and real-world experience
A full- or part-time attendee of an educational institution or day care that is served by a well located within the target distance limit.
Keywords:  hoc, parents, executive, kind, support
a kind of ad-hoc support group for executive parents
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a lot lower than every other program on my list
a lot of arts and classes to choose from and not always enough time
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an issue, which does not have a clear answer
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a good thing, it comes down to the product when making a decision