Definitions for "Student Identification Card"
A student ID is usually required in college. It is similar to a driver's license and generally includes a photograph of the student, a student number (often the social security number), the student's name, the name of the college and the semester enrolled. The IDs require validation each semester. The card is often required for admittance to functions sponsored by the college or for identification when cashing checks or for other purposes. GCC's student life department oversees the distribution of student ID cards.
The Student Identification Card has your picture and other personal identification information on it. The Registrar's Office produces your Student ID card when you complete your registration process. Each year when you complete registration, the Registrar's Office will issue your ID card for the current year. ID cards expire each August. You will need a Student ID card to use the Library, Computer Labs, to display when writing exams and to participate in many student and other activities on campus and in the metro area.
an identification card which is proof of a student's enrolment and displays their student identification number and photograph. ID cards are issued to students who have enrolled and paid all fees and charges.