Definitions for "Stubby "
Keywords:  beer, bottle, squat, small
beer in small bottles.
Small bottle of beer
A squat bottle of beer.
Keywords:  abounding
Abounding with stubs.
Keywords:  cjf, simpson, hoof, midway, scott
One of the five basic hoof shapes listed in the eagle eye approach suggested by Scott Simpson, CJF. The Stubby pattern is generally round, but wider than it is long. The widest part of the hoof will be about midway between the toe and heels.
Keywords:  blunt, pencil, bristles, short, screw
Short and thick; short and strong, as bristles.
Short and fat. Used in describing crystals.
short and blunt; "stubby fingers"; "a stubby pencil"
Stubby is a tool that enables programmers and packagers to add transparent support for optional run-time dynamic linking of shared libraries. This allows for the creation of applications that can gain additional functionality if a library is present, but that do not fail to load if the library is not installed .