Definitions for "Stub"
To strike as the toes, against a stub, stone, or other fixed object.
Incomplete procedure or function used temporarily in top-down program design.
A default connection that you specify in a class definition, which you use to connect objects.
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The short blunt part of anything after larger part has been broken off or used up; hence, anything short and thick; as, the stub of a pencil, candle, or cigar.
A pen with a short, blunt nib.
A short diverging track ending in a bumper, it has a switch only at one end
A short code segment inserted into procedure calling sequences by the linker. Stubs are used for very specific purposes, such as inter-space calls (for example, shared-library calls), long branches, and preserving calling interfaces across modules (for example, parameter relocation). Refer to the manual PA-RISC Procedure Calling Conventions Reference Manual. See also import stub and export stub.
Stubs are short code segments that may be inserted into procedure calling sequences by the PA-RISC linker. Stubs are used for very specific purposes, such as inter-space (for example, shared library) calls, long branches, and preserving calling interfaces across modules (for example, parameter relocation). For more information on stubs, see the Procedure Calling Conventions Reference Manual.
a native dynamic-link library (DLL) exported to Winlogon that requires a valid, consistent function to call into
the fastened portion of a snap set. It is separated by a perforation, and separating the stub usually removes the carbon interleaves, too. Stubs are described by their location on a form (top stub, bottom stub, side stub) or by the way they enter the forms writing machine (leading stub, trailing stub).
A small portion of a note detached as it is prepared for issue, to help in record keeping. An obsolete system.
Or ticket stub. The portion of a ticket left over from a game.
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A part of a leaf in a check book, after a check is torn out, on which the number, amount, and destination of the check are usually recorded.
The remaining (thin or thick) section of vellum on the binding side when a folio has been removed (having been cut or torn out). trimming The process of cutting off the edges of the three outer sides (that is, the sides not in the binding) of all the folios in the codex. This regularises the size of folios when the original pieces of vellum may have been of irregular sizes and shapes. va. Refers to the position on the folio. That is, the verso side of the folio, in column a (the left-hand column). See: column, folio, verso.
a torn part of a ticket returned to the holder as a receipt
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virtually the same as "italic"; sometimes used to denote a slightly more rounded chisel-shaped tip
historically, the same as "italic"; now generally used to denote a slightly more rounded chisel-shaped tip
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The stump of a tree; that part of a tree or plant which remains fixed in the earth when the stem is cut down; -- applied especially to the stump of a small tree, or shrub.
To dig up a tree stump or similar.
The projecting portion of stem which remains to be trimmed off the stool after a pleacher is cut and laid. Also known as a stob or ear.
A simulation program.
a piece of code that simulates expected outputs
A component containing functionality for testing purposes. A stub is either a pure "dummy", just returning some predefined values, or it is "simulating" a more complex behavior.
This refers to a discontinuity in a SCSI bus. There are required lengths between stubs for the various SCSI standards. Each SCSI device counts as a stub. You can think of anything that's not a continuous SCSI cable as a stub.
A short projection or branch from the main path of a conductor. In high-frequency operation a stub can act as a discontinuity in a circuit, causing degradation of performance.
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To grub up by the roots; to extirpate; as, to stub up edible roots.
a temporary definition
a temporary replacement piece of code that takes the place of a unit that has yet to be written (or made available by another developer)
A temporary implementaion of part of a program for debugging purposes.
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Stubs are groups of nodes that will be checked by the client. Stubs that have smaller sums (ie, when all the distances between each node - length - are added, the sum is fairly small) will take longer to process, because there is a greater chance that it is an optimal Golomb ruler. See also: node, Optimal Golomb Rulers.
a new edge added to the tree graph attached to a new node introduced into the middle of an existing edge and associated crease s added to the crease pattern. Adding a stub allows four path conditions to be simultaneously satisfied as equalities.
Often used in risk arbitrage. Piece of equity security left over from a major cash or security distribution from a recapitalization.
the small unused part of something (especially the end of a cigarette that is left after smoking)
The left-hand column of a table.
a function that contains no code or something trivial like an output statement to say that the function has been called
a PL/SQL procedure or function that has the same header as the actual procedure or function so forms can perform syntactical checks
a pseudo-function that has the same name and argument list as the real function
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A log; a block; a blockhead.
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Refers to the narrow strip of paper on the inside margin, between leaves of a book.
A narrow strip of a page / leaf remaining, where said page / leaf had been cut from the publication in question. [Back to the Top
A narrow strip of paper usually remaining where a leaf has been cut away.
Supermajority amendment Systematic risk principle
an entry that does not have enough information to be considered complete
a page on DrumCorpsWiki that does not yet have enough information
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Down on the shank or toe of a clean-legged chicken. T - U
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The java interface to support communication with the CAFast hard server
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A stub nail; an old horseshoe nail; also, stub iron.
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a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons
a stereotype d package that contains only the public parts of another package
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(slang) part-score.
a game record (players and result) which has no game score
Slang for the penis.
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See Rough-In.
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a new entry that has very little by way of content
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To remove stubs from; as, to stub land.